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All clichés aside, March has started off with a bang for us here at Café Campesino. For starters, we just formed a new relationship with Guayakí, producer of certified organic, rainforest-grown Yerba Maté, to offer their terrific beverages. See this month’s special and the article introducing the entire lineup of Yerba Maté products for the scoop. Also in this month’s Fair Grounds, Michael Sheridan of Catholic Relief Services writes about the Nicaragua trip in which he and our own Tripp Pomeroy recently participated. And in our Call to Action, we offer a way to take your own Fair Trade eco-adventure with Global Exchange’s Reality Tours. That plus some Yerba Maté recipes, a new stimulating coffee fact and a coffee haiku and photo from our Café Campesino Pride winners, and we’ve got ourselves a tasty newsletter. Read on and enjoy...

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Purchase any one of our Guayakí products and receive 10% off of your entire order! Click here to order...be sure to enter discount code guay306 at checkout.

To learn more about our exciting new alliance with our friends at Guayakí and the truly delicious yerba maté teas, chais, loose leaf yerba and beautifully hand-crafted yerba gourds and bombillas Café Campesino now carries, read on

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We’re thrilled to announce our new relationship with Guayakí and the introduction of their fabulous certified-organic, rainforest-grown Yerba Maté beverages to our product line-up. Our new alliance is particularly inspiring because Café Campesino and Guayakí share the same deep commitment to sustainable trade and the vision of a better world. Further, we believe that Guayakí’s yerba maté drinks are not only a fantastic complement to our line up of 100% Fair Trade, organic, shade grown coffees, but also expand Café Campesino’s reach as a Fair Trade coffee company.


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The following article was written by our very good friend and staunch Fair Trade ally Michael Sheridan of CRS. The depth of Michael’s commitment to small-scale coffee producers and their communities, 100% Fair Trade coffee companies like Café Campesino, and the Fair Trade movement is nothing short of inspiring. We are truly grateful to Michael and CRS for their extraordinary support and leadership. 

Michael organized and led the recent CRS Delegation to Nicaragua of which Tripp was a member. We asked Michael to write this piece to give our readers a better understanding of CRS’s approach to Fair Trade, an approach that we believe has and continues to have an immensely positive impact on our work as a 100% Fair Trade coffee company. 

CRS stands for Catholic Relief Services, the official relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic community. At CRS, we have served poor and marginalized people overseas since 1943 through humanitarian relief and community development programs. But we also serve Catholics in the United States by helping them to live in solidarity with the people we serve around the world. We believe that when we come together as one human family, we have the power to change the world. And that’s why we are so excited about our partnerships with companies like Café Campesino — because they are helping us to use the market to build direct and mutually beneficial relationships between conscious consumers in the United States and disadvantaged farmers overseas in places like Nicaragua, where we support more than 400 small-scale farmers.


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On the morning of March 11th, Lee will be in Decatur, Georgia, participating in Georgia Organics' Organic & Community Gardening Workshop while also serving up Café Campesino and talking Fair Trade with this dedicated group of organic advocates. Georgia Organics and the Atlanta Community Gardens Coalition have brought together a panel of farmers and community gardeners for this workshop to show how we and your neighbors grow your own organic food and garden. For more information, visit www.georgiaorganics.org.

Word has it that Bill is quite the busy Fair Trader down in Xela, Guatemala! He returns on March 16th so stay tuned for his trip report in the April edition of Fair Grounds.

On March 20th, Tripp is traveling up to the University of Georgia’s Catholic Center in Athens to address the Faith and Justice Committee, which is sponsoring a Lenten series on solidarity with the poor. Included in the series’ curriculum is the issue of trade and how consumers’ appetites for everything from coffee to inexpensive clothes impact producers in developing countries. Tripp will talk about Fair Trade and discuss how Café Campesino is working to make a tangible difference in the lives of our producer partners, their families, and their communities. He’s getting pretty good at that pitch, as you can imagine. (By the way, it’s just a coincidence that Tripp is talking to a Catholic group on the heels of his Catholic Relief Services trip. Café Campesino doesn’t have a special relationship with any particular denomination. We’ll speak to anyone who wants to talk Fair Trade!)

April is shaping up to be a particularly busy month, so we’re planning to get our caffeine buzz on! On April 3rd, our producer partners from Peru and Colombia will be visiting us here in Americus. On the heels of our producer partner visit, Tripp and Bill will head up to Charlotte, North Carolina, for the annual SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) conference and a special meeting of Cooperative Coffees (more about that in next month’s Fair Grounds). 

And, finally, during the weekend of April 28-30, Café Campesino will once again be serving up Fair Trade coffee to our longstanding friends at BRAG for the annual Bicycle Ride Across Georgia's Spring Tune-Up Ride in Madison, Georgia. For more info, visit www.brag.org.

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The idea that travel can be educational, transformational and positively influence international affairs motivated the first Global Exchange Reality Tours in 1989. Unlike traditional tourism, Reality Tours promote socially responsible travel as participants build true "people to people ties". Reality Tours are founded on the principles of experiential education and each tour focuses on important social, economic, political and environmental issues. When you journey with Reality Tours, you will meet the people, learn the facts first hand, and then discover how people, both individually and collectively, contribute to global problems and how we can enact positive change.


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We got two great entries to last month’s contest and we just couldn’t decide between them, so they are both winners!

G.L. Mayer sent us this haiku:

Happy Karma Coffee
A new way to live
Where all are treated fairly
Now, that's good coffee!


Karen Estes send along a photo of herself on the trail with her Café Campesino coffee. See it at left (and click for a bigger image). 

A pound of Café Campesino coffee will be on its way to our two winners — congratulations! 


If you're passionate about Café Campesino, show it! Send us:

— a photo showing your "Café Campesino Pride.”
— a short written testimonial about how much you love us
— an original coffee poem or haiku (three lines, 5 syllables in the first, 7 in the second, 5 in the last) 

Each month, we will choose one entry to appear in the following Fair Grounds newsletter. If we choose yours, you’ll win a pound of your favorite Café Campesino coffee. Please send your entry to info@cafecampesino.com.

Contest ends: March 31st

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"There is enough in the world for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed."

— Mahatma Gandhi

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